Raw Foods: Benefits And Recipes

Raw food is often talked about however, very few people understand the benefits that come from this diet. While some people may consider the raw food diet to be a fad diet, there is one key difference between raw food and the typical fad diet. Many fad diets would deprive you of what you need in the hopes of weight loss. Raw food, on the other hand, provides you with nutrients and doesn’t expect you to skimp on portions. This makes it easier to lose any excess weight and improve overall health.

Benefits of The Raw Food Diet

With the raw food diet, you would consume nutrients in a form that is easy for the body to digest. For one thing, our bodies are designed to process raw food. A few of the benefits from consuming raw foods are cancer prevention, higher energy levels, improvement of liver function, greater heart heath, more fiber, better digestion, inflammation reduction, and more.

How Much Raw Food Should You Eat?

While some may think that it is necessary to go all in like a “raw food vegan”, this is not necessary. It might be better for you to take small steps into the raw food lifestyle. Many people still eat a lot of the same foods they have always eaten, they just add raw food into their lifestyle. Some may find that they do just fine without eating meat, while others prefer to eat their meat raw such as in steak tartare. Of course, it is always good to increase the amount of raw foods you eat and if necessary, make other dietary adjustments.

Raw Food Recipes

One thing that could help you get comfortable with raw food is learning about the examples of raw food recipes. Fortunately, there are plenty of tasty recipes you can consider. Here is one of my favorites:

Chocolate Pudding

1 Avocado
1 Banana
1 cup Almond milk (or soy if you prefer)
¼ cup cocoa power, raw
2 Tablespoons of sweetener such as palm sugar or agave nectar
½ teaspoon of lemon juice
Place all in a blender and blend until smooth. Refrigerate until set.

Other recipes you could try with raw foods are Raw Chocolate Salami Log, Raw Vegan Lemon Coconut Protein, Coconut Kefir, and more!

Raw food is very healthy to consume, and eating healthy does not have to be boring. You can enjoy great tasting meals while improving your overall health. You will not only increase the number of nutrients you consume, but you will also get rid of nasty toxins.

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